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Tandem Paragliding Flight

Paragliding is an unforgettable experience where you can feel the freedom of flying with only the help of the wind. The take off site is a gently sloping hillside and the paraglider flies at very low speeds making take off as easy as walking into the sky.  The landing is really smooth and after only a few short steps, you will back on the ground.

2300 M: This take off site is located on the south side of the peak of Gallinero. During this flight you will enjoy spectacular views of the highest peaks of the Pyrenees, Aneto, Posets and Maladeta, and the valley floor and it's picturesque villages. It's a unique setting for a magical experience.

The price of this flight with 4x4 transport to the take off site is 125€.

Access to the take off site is via a 4x4 track. The journey time es 50 minutes.



1200M: At this altitude we have our own takeoff area, only 10 minutes drive from Castejón de Sos. This flight, depending on weather conditions and time of day can be short (6 minutes) or long (over half an hour ). You Just need to run a few meters ... ..and then, UP UP AND AWAY!!!

The price of this flight 4x4 transport to take off site is 100€


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